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Originally, I was a little put off by the style.
I'm not a huge advocate of "mainstream anime" styled cartoons, unless its something like Hayao Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, etc. Aka, quality animation.
the story of your animation really pulled me in.
At first, I was a little skeptical as to what was going to happen, but it was done nicely. And I think adding Jack giving the little girl candy at the end, was a great touch... shows that he only shows malevolence towards those who ruin the Halloween spirit. Halloween is all about trick-or-treatin' yo!
Regardless, I was quick to get over my gripe about the style, and the, no offense, but poor and somewhat unbelievable script that the characters shared with each other.
I mean, them waltzing into a creepy person's house and Vince's urge to stay didn't quite make sense to me. But regardless, it was good.
If you ARE looking for improvement, and this is just my input:
Make them more of downers on the halloween spirit... like do more than just scare kids and take candy. The witch girl could totally be a whore too... like, she just wants to go to the party to get with cute guys there and hates trick-or-treating or even little kids. Vince and Dugg could totally TP and throw eggs at people's houses and do more crazy things. Maybe Dugg could take candy from little kids by force. If the characters are assholes, we feel a bit more relieved when they get turned into candy. I also felt putting their faces at the end in the candy was unnecessary... leave their fate extremely subtle. Or if anything, have them shake slightly. Candle thing was pretty awesome too.
On a personal note, I felt that the scares and their fates could have been creepier, too. Hands down, the witch girl's little trip was the best, but I didn't feel like her fate was really justified; she wanted to avoid trouble and just go to a party, nothing really wrong with that.
Vince and Dugg sorta of deserved it, but even then, not really... so then it really brings into the question of just how justified is Jack, the spirit of Halloween? Making them bad and extending their trials would be awesome, like all three sort of explore the different parts of the house or something... and meet their creepy end.
Holistically, this was good. I enjoyed it, and the ending was done well, just don't add the whole "help us! save us!" bit at the end.


so THIS is the real answer why the sky is blue. I wish science and history books wud revise their information to give accurate facts. :p


she just wanted someone to play with in the end. gahahahaha. I wudn't have wasted all that time if i were him. if a damn cute wolf girl wants to play, shoot i'd be game, dunno wut HE'S running from, lol

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I think it goes without saying that hands down, the art direction for this game was incredible. Aesthetically speaking, this game carries so much originality, creativity, and a great imagination. I found myself thinking "I've probably seen something akin to this in my nightmares!" or something around those lines. Without a doubt, the game is great in terms of the world you have created.
As for other components of the game, however, it didn't do so well for me. I am not a big advocate of gunning down people all the time, but some of the enemies failed to make me scared. The jumping mechanics in the game also left me a little frustrated at times. So the enemies in this game, didn't make it too scary for me.
Finally, in terms of the poetic contents of your game...
I have to say, for me, I interpreted this as a sort of frustrated/sorrow process in which the character suffered the loss of love, most likely from rejection or through a breakup with a girl, and struggles to remain passive, whereas others around him urge him to resort to violence.
I think one great thing about it was that he struggled with the idea that she had become a monster, a crazy being. Either that or it was his own personal demon that was causing him to resort to violence. But there's also a whole bunch to consider... the silver lady who had a severed head, and who's brainy guts gave birth to him... the silver tree...
I considered the giant head that you had to fight to be either his personal demon or a manifestation of her... or maybe even a dude who "had her heart". The demonic angel mask/gunner chick at the end, I think it's safe to say that it was her... And he freed her from her own monstrosity by bringing an end to her life. Is how I interpreted this game.
To be fairly honest, I'm not much of the whole "angsty, frustrated" approach towards a breakup. Have I been hurt before? Yes. So much to the point I want to destroy myself and those around me? Hells yes...
But I still believe that there is a way to how people can and should deal with it... the world won't stop to revolve around us. A brute fact of life.
Regardless, I found this game to be enjoyable... but I won't really grade it too much based on game mechanics, as I consider this game to be an arthouse game, and that's where most of my review focuses on.
Was it good? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Sorta.
I don't mean to finger at your personal wounds and such, but I personally feel that this game speaks a lot from your OWN personal experiences in life... and the way you decided to create it into a game? Brilliant.
7 stars total. Minus 3 for some gameplay frustration and the somewhat cliched "I am angry and hurt over the losses of love" type theme (again, just my interpretation).

Regardless, keep up the great work

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it was alright. I loved the idea and concept of it. Very surreal and slightly creepy in a spectacular way. But again, trying to bring back the good ol' classic "awkward angles" seen in many classic PS1 games such as the final fantasy series and Resident Evil series, is a great idea, the only thing they DIDN'T have, were impossible ledges in which you had to traverse while relying on crazy angles to guide you visually. Good idea, good concept, but the execution was slightly off... I commend you for your great efforts and concept though. Perhaps you could have less "ledge" oriented levels? Those killed me the most. I didn't have so much trouble with anything else (the spike level was pretty hard too). Putting in real enemies, like in Silent Hill or Resident Evil could be a great idea. Again, don't know wut ur aiming for cuz I cudn't finish (died too many times at the ledge maze with the traveling airborne mace ball). But something less "ledgy" would work, unless you can give her the function of being able to pull herself up or fall if you don't tap SPACE when hanging from the ledge. Shrug.

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serious bug

upon entering the second level i couldn't change the colors at all. i could change colors in the first level, not second one. therefore, could not advance further than those blue platforms (i was stuck as red). Interesting idea, but your bug and lag kept me from enjoying it.

Open minded to all old and new animations, games, and wutnot. Love animations as well as games, yeah. Always enjoys a good story. :]

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